CALMER CORN HEADS, by design, allow you to harvest faster and more economically
than ever before, maximizing your profit potential.

By combining our patented single chain design with our low profile, super short poly hoods
and dividers, we have created one of the lightest weight row units in the industry.
Strategically Realigned
Calmer heads are realigned to allow proper material flow from the tray to
the feeder house, reducing ear toss and providing for maximum flow rates
in high yielding, and in high-speed harvest conditions.
Patent Pending

Outstanding Performance
An essential part of Calmer's Patented single chain design, the UHMW
(Ultra High Molecular Weight) polyethylene ear guides, form a retaining
wall to maintain engagement of the ears with the enlarged hardened steel
gathering chain paddles.  By eliminating the second chain, chain guide,
drive sprocket, drive shaft, idler block, idler sprocket and chain tension
spring, we reduce the weight of the corn head by thirty-plus pounds per
row and significantly lower horsepower requirements.  Another added
benefit, after eliminating half the moving parts on the corn head,
maintenance cost for the Calmer Corn Head is much lower.
Our high profile, shorter snouts
are among the shortest on the market today making it easy to
maneuver through narrow rows and around tight contoured
areas.  The low profile flat back deck cover design (patents
pending) help keep dislodged material engaged with the
gathering chain paddles and moving to the cross auger.  The
deck covers feature self-aligning valleys that make it a snap to
install, and a lynch pin keeper that allows you to easily remove
the hood assembly without tools.
Faster harvesting speeds
Better stock chop
Less trash intake in standing corn
Less trash intake in down corn
More bushels per acre per day
Chains last longer
Warmer/Dryer no-till soils
Less horsepower requirements
Less grain loss
Less fuel
Any color poly deck covers, dividers and wear points
Hydraulic stripper plates available on all row spacings
Factory paint to match your combine
15", 20", 22", and 30" row spacing
Water pump nose bearings
Stubble Lights
Field Tracker / Contour Master
  • Calmer BT CHOPPER
  • Dual or single chain design
  • Trash reducing gathering
    chain drive sprockets for
    maximum stalk ejection
  • Outer row strippers offset
    1/4-inch reducing ear loss
    over the end divider
  • Calmer realignment package
    for ear toss reduction and
    maximum horizontal flow
  • Cross auger adjusted with
    1/2-inch clearance for
    reduced ear slice and
    cracked kernels
  • John Deere gathering chain

  • High performance gathering
    chain with tall 2.25 x 2.5-inch
    metal paddles
  • Calmer multi-zoned combo
    beveled stripper plates for
    maximum husking and leaf
  • Oil bath with 80H heavy
    chain and 1 1/4-inch heavy-
    duty driveline
  • Telescoping PTO shafts
  • Flashers
  • Auto-Header Height
  • One-year Warranty
Two of the first built 12 row 20" corn heads going to Kentucky
Calmer Ag Research featured in Successful Farming Magazine
Successful Farming magazine profiled Calmer Ag Research in it's November 2003 issue.  The
article discusses the Calmer Corn Heads for 15-and 20-inch rows and the company's new
trash reduction conversion kits.
According to Successful Farming:
"Calmer simply removed one gathering chain plus all the gears, shafts, bearings, and idlers
that went with it.  He also had the gearboxes of the IH 800 corn heads he started with milled to a
width of just under 15 inches."

Instead of two gathering chains per row working in unison, Calmer's head has one gathering
chain per row, outfitted with 4 large plastic paddles.  That chain is teamed up with an ear guide
on the other side of the row."

"The advantage of that approach goes beyond row width.  Calmer's heads also weigh about 50
pounds per row less than conventional heads.  "That weight difference is huge on a 12-, 16-, or
18- row head, " says Calmer."

"Equally if not more important, Calmer's heads require less horsepower to run.  That translates
into less stress on the driveline.  Calmer's patents gave him a strong position in the market for
15-inch heads, and that's the market he concentrated on until recently.  Two years ago, he
started converting John Deere heads to 15-inch rows in addition to the IH 800 heads."
Calmer 24row 15inch
First  Field Test with a
Calmer 15" Corn Head
September 1995
Time To Order Your New 2015 Corn Head!
32row 15inch at the Calmer Plant 2013
Now Available with the CALMER BT CHOPPER  upgrade kit!
12", 15", 20", and 30" to fit your needs
Calmer BT CHOPPER with the spiral
(front) cut off to show the chopping action
During receiving the 4"
window appears, and
allows the base of the
corn stalk to flow easily
from the helical screw
area into the knife
During processing the 10
straight, razor sharp knife
edged flutes chop the
stalk while maintaining
traction.  This prepares
the stalk for accelerated
decomposition to organic
matter and humus.  This
helps to feed microbes,
bacteria, fungus, and
earthworms for improved
soil health.
Better Than A
Chopping Corn
30row 12inch corn head at Farm Progress 2013
Heat Treat Hardened
Stripper Plates
Patented Open Window
hydraulic or manual
10 sharp blades
9 Tooth Idler
6 row 30 inch updated with Calmer BT Choppers
6 Tooth Driver
Calmer BT Choppers leave residue evenly distributed
Weed Knives
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Better Harvesting Through Innovation
Better Harvesting Through Innovation
Multi-zone Combo Stripper Plates
These combo stripper plates are longer, allowing for efficient removal of low
hanging ears in down corn.  Our stripper plates are constructed with a sleek,
straight design, which will reduce ear wedging.  The bevel in the remaining
stripper plate allows the knife to knife stalk rolls to engage more corn leaves,
shanks, and husks reducing trash intake and horsepower requirements
.  Patent
Maximize your profit potential
30 row 12 inch Corn Head at
Custom Harvesters 2014
30 row 12 inch Corn Head
at Commodity Classic  2014
Details Make Calmer Corn Heads Better...
Calmer BT Chopper® Rolls
Calmer BT Chopper® Rolls
Telescoping end hood riser assembly
Row Sense
Tall Gathering Chain Paddle
Low Profile Deck Cover
ear saver hold down
Black Ear Guide takes the place of
sprockets and gathering chain
Calmer Corn Heads To Set Another
Record With 32-Row Corn Head

ALPHA, Ill., September 5,  2013 — Calmer Corn Heads will display the world’s first 32
row 15 inch corn head at Husker Harvest Days, September 10-12, 2013, in Lot 1141.
The corn head is 40 feet wide with 32 rows of 15 inches.

Calmer 32-row corn head
This corn head is also equipped with SUPER Calmer BT Chopper Manual Adjust
Trash Reduction/Decomposition Kits. A number of “World’s Firsts” have been
displayed by Calmer throughout the years at the Farm Progress Shows.

Some examples are:

• World’s first 15-nch corn head, a 16 row 15 inch (2002).

• Largest 15-inchcorn head, a 24 row 15 inch corn head (2009).

• World’s first chopping/shearing stalk roll that processes the corn stalk into pieces 1
inch long that are also shredded (2010)

• World’s first 12-inch corn head (2012).

• World's most number of rows with 30 row 12 inch corn head (2013).

Marion Calmer, through the non-profit Calmer Agronomic Research Center, has been
involved in the research and promotion of narrow row corn since the early 1990’s –
planting corn in 12-inch rows as early as 1994. His experience demonstrates that
equidistant spacing between plants improves light interception and yield potential while
a denser canopy reduces erosion and weed control costs.

Calmer Corn Heads specializes in manufacturing corn heads for narrow row corn and
looks forward to meeting producer’s growing needs for futuristic corn heads. For more
information, visit

- See more at:
Lessiter Publications No-Till Farmer Article
Narrow Row Corn Specialists
Calmer Corn Heads receives patent on
Calmer BT Chopper Residue Management
t! June 17, 2014
Calmer Corn Heads announced that it has
received a patent for its Calmer BT
Chopper® Residue Management Kit.  
Marion Calmer, CEO, says it's the
company's ninth patent they have received
for inventions related to improving corn
In 2012, Calmer was the company that built
the first corn head that could harvest 12-inch
row corn.   The Residue Management Kit is
standard on all new Calmer Corn Heads and
is also available to update the JD 40 and 90
series corn head.  A majority of the kit is also
available for JD 600 series, and CNH
2200/2400 series, and 96c, 98c, and 996
corn heads.  
Order Your New Calmer Corn Head
w/Stainless Steel Parts!